nothing's unconditional (aimlessendeavor) wrote,
nothing's unconditional

seriously. fuck blondes.

i love when i'm hanging out with my guy friends
& they invite over some amazon blondes..
& forget about me. which i wouldn't mind as much
if i didnt sort of have a crush on one of them.

speaking of crushes, saw two recent former ones.
one was fine, things were fine. the other was a DICK.
which was odd because i thought the two would be flip flopped.
but yea, like way waaay rude. i was like cool jerkface,
go makeout with your girl who has a b/f!

in other news, my cousin gave me a rockin haircut
& the rock climbing guy asked me to hang out.

OH & if anyone with the new BRMC & an ipod had gotten
the cd to load onto it. let me know the trick.
coz i cant get it to work properly.

peace. ♥
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