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i'm talking to myself, aren't i? [entries|friends|calendar]
nothing's unconditional

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ha. [18 Nov 2009|02:02pm]
wow. i havent been on here in a minute. took me 8 tries to log in haha. and kayti i searched for you and all i found was some emo faggle.
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91 weeks. [26 Sep 2007|09:03pm]
 wow thats a long time. 

ps. kayti i found you. FINALLY. sheesh<33
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[21 Dec 2005|12:14am]
here's in short just a few reasons why i hate christmas.

last year i spent all of december in my arizona apartment alone, right up until two days before xmas when my mom came to get me. so the two of us could celebrate xmas alone at her apratment.

the year before that i barely remember, although i was up north with the electrical natzi who kpet blaming the fact that his xmas lights wouldn't stay on, on me.

the year before that, was the first since my parents split which of course meant i had to celebrate it atleast four times.

meaning the year before that was the infamous xmas when my dad decided to announce on my way to annette's that " he thinks mom has a boyfriend!" they of course fought all xmas morning.

and last but not least my sister in celebration of her xmas eve birthday, freaks out and throws her chocolate cake all over the kitchen floor and counter.

repeat the last scenario and you have something similar to every xmas before that from about age 12 on.

and this year as an extra rteat on top on being broke- my grandmother is dying. and so my mom myspaces me (since she's at the hospital so much i see her every couple of days for about 5 minutes before i leave for work)to tell me she's officially canceling xmas and if i find something else to do it's okay.
so seriously, fuck the holidays. don't wish me a merry fucking xmas, coz frankly i could just sleep until next monday and be a happy person.
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[16 Dec 2005|10:31pm]
[ mood | a little lost ]

so my brother's friend died in a car accident.

buck's friend died in a car accident.

erica (& the world) lost timothy jordan.

& i just found out cory denton had a heart attack.
(i have this random memory of him & dan at limbo lounge,
in my days as a mall rat & us dropping parachute army men over the railing.♥)

all in one week.
& my grandma is pretty much hanging on by a thread
she was rushed back to the ER again today.

i guess really.. you just never know.
live everyday. just live.

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[10 Dec 2005|01:25pm]
seriously. fuck blondes.

i love when i'm hanging out with my guy friends
& they invite over some amazon blondes..
& forget about me. which i wouldn't mind as much
if i didnt sort of have a crush on one of them.

speaking of crushes, saw two recent former ones.
one was fine, things were fine. the other was a DICK.
which was odd because i thought the two would be flip flopped.
but yea, like way waaay rude. i was like cool jerkface,
go makeout with your girl who has a b/f!

in other news, my cousin gave me a rockin haircut
& the rock climbing guy asked me to hang out.

OH & if anyone with the new BRMC & an ipod had gotten
the cd to load onto it. let me know the trick.
coz i cant get it to work properly.

peace. ♥
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[03 Dec 2005|01:21pm]
walked in the door at 6am
after spending 5 of the best hours with
one of my favorite new friends
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[20 Nov 2005|07:11pm]
[ mood | sad ]

she cries out
big salty silent crocodile tears &
they don't leave as quickly as they came

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